Copper Sulphate

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Copper sulphate, an inorganic compound obtained from a combination of copper and sulfur, takes the form of a light blue salt. Due to its chemical composition, this compound is very beneficial in combating overly alkaline environments, eliminating plant fungi, unwanted root growth, algae growth and more.

Storage - Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.

Download the MSDS HERE.

Download the COSHH statement HERE.

Download the Product Specification HERE

500 G

Packaging- UN approved fluorinated bottle

Dimensions - 90mmx125mm

Material - High density polyethylene


Copper shortages can also cause stunted development; plants in extremely mineral-deficient soils are more likely to die prematurely. Wilting of failing blooms, as well as lower fruit production, are all possible consequences of copper-poor soil. Use a quarter teaspoon per plant for 3 weeks during the growing season if using it as a fertilizer. When used in soil that is already rich in trace minerals, adding more copper will have no effect on your garden’s growth rate..

Control fruit plants

Copper sulphate can also be used to control field fruit trees, nut trees, vegetable powdery mildew, leaf spots, stalk rot, and apple scab.

Foliar feeding

Mix one tablespoon of copper sulfate with one gallon of water and spray on the leaves of the plants or 20 g of copper sulphate with 1 litre of water. Do this once a week until you see desired results.

Soil drenching

Dissolve one pound of copper sulphate in 5 gallons of water and pour around the base of each plant. Repeat this process every 4-6 weeks through growing season.

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