About Us

About us


Direct Chems is here to provide the finest quality products for individuals and businesses alike, we want to support our customers and help develop and grow with us.  

Based in Richmond, Newport Industries is the parent company who is a well-established importer and stockist for Chemicals and Minerals in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Being a niche distributor of Chemicals, Newport is expanding to Direct Chems where you can find   trusted, pure chemicals and get it delivered directly to your home or business.

Explore our range

Whether you want to make homemade bath bombs or start gluten-free baking, our product range is vast, diverse and it is continuing to expand. The categories range from cleaning to gardening and all the orders are packed by hand. Our ingredients are pure and sustainably sourced making it suitable for anyone looking for natural alternatives.

Larger Commercial Quantities

Being the largest stockist in the UK, we supply national and multinational clients throughout the world, with warehouses and packaging lines based out of Liverpool warehouse and port.

Please visit our websites www.soda-ash.co.uk  or www.newport-industries.com

Our Promise

We aim to provide updated, relevant Safety Data Sheets for all the products on our website and a COSHH statement for the hazardous substances. We want the safety of our customers to be a top priority and we ensure to build a secure, friendly environment.

We want to create a great relationship with our customers by providing a high standard of satisfaction and delivering assistance and information when required. Please feel free to email us at enquiries@direct-chems.co.uk for any questions.