Sodium Carbonate

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Sodium carbonate also known as soda ash/ washing soda is a white crystalline powder. Direct Chems provides ‘Natural Cleaning Grade’ Sodium Carbonate, which effectively tackles dirt and works as a stain remover. The abrasive nature cuts through grime/grease and cleans various items around the household. Our Sodium carbonate is not only of high quality and natural but it is manufactured in an environmentally sustainable way.

Natural Soda Ash production: Our Sodium carbonate is produced by extracting naturally occurring Trona ore in Turkey and then processing this via a simple process of filtering, concentration, crystallisation and drying into Soda Ash which can be sold. This solution extration is safer (no underground operatives), has minimal impact on the surface, uses significantly less energy and water than other production methods and also produces significantly less CO2 emissions.

Safe for Kitchen Use

 Vegan, Halal, Kosher

Ideal for use as laundry detergent, pool pH, bathroom cleaner

 Concentrated, Effective

 Recyclable packaging

Storage - Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.

Download the MSDS HERE.

Download the Product Specification HERE

1 KG

Packaging - Resealable pouch with grip seal and tear notch

Pouch dimensions - 210mmx310mm

Pouch material - 15 mic BOPP/12 mic MET-PET/100 mic PE

1KG (New Packaging)

Packaging - Recyclable, resealable pouch with grip seal and tear notch

Pouch dimensions - 210mmx310mm

Pouch material - PE MDO 25mic/PE-EVOH100mic

5 KG

Packaging - Resealable pouch with grip seal and tear notch

Pouch dimensions - 300mmx500mm

Pouch material - 12 mic PET/100 mic PE + 12 mic PET/100 mic PE

25 KG

Packaging - Plastic bag

Bag dimensions - 340mm x 700mm

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All-purpose cleaner

Mix a tablespoon of soda ash with 2 cups of water and use as a spot cleaner on countertops, stoves and bathroom porcelain. The natural powder works as a stain remover and cleans the surface area without much hassle.

Click HERE to watch the tutorial.


Mix up a teaspoon of soda ash with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle and apply to porcelain bath and sink fixtures. This will break down the soap residue and will help rid of any water marks.

Dirty tea towels

Use strong solution of soda ash and hot water to remove dirt and grease.

Laundry boost

You can pre-soak dirty clothes in a bucket with 1 cup soda ash and 1 L of warm water, this will remove the dirt and stains then you can rinse as normal.

Patio/garage floor

To clean greasy, oily stains, make a paste of soda ash and water then apply to the floor, let the paste dry then sweep up the powder, rinse away any residue.

Pool pH

Raise pool pH and total alkalinity.

Slippery/slimy paths

Sprinkle on slimy paths and driveways, dampen, then leave for at least 12 hours, brush off.

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