Glyceryl monostearate (GMS) S/E

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Glyceryl monostearate is a self emulsifying wax. It is located in dozens of personal care products, including moisturizers, eye cream, sunscreen, makeup and hand creams. Direct Chems provide GMS SE which is self emulsifying in pearl form and can be used as a viscosity enhancer adding emollient properties which makes skin softer and supple.

GMS also acts as a fast penetrating emollient which helps retain hydration, lubricate, condition and soften skin. They slow loss of moisture so is ideal when adding to natural formulations. The presence of GMS enables other ingredients in the formulation to continue functioning effectively in order to excel their beneficial properties by extending shelf life, preventing products from freezing and developing crusts on the surface. One important factor is GMS allows oils to be added to products but decreases the greasiness so the final product is a smooth, creamy texture.

Please note- Packed in a warehouse where soy wax is handled. Seek medical advice before use if suffering from any medical conditions or allergies. Always conduct a patch test before using any new product.

Storage- Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Download the MSDS HERE

Download the Product Specification HERE

1 KG

Packaging - Resealable pouch with grip seal and tear notch

Pouch dimensions - 210mmx310mm

Pouch material - 15 mic BOPP/12 mic MET-PET/100 mic PE

1KG (New Packaging)

Packaging - Recyclable, resealable pouch with grip seal and tear notch

Pouch dimensions - 210mmx310mm

Pouch material - PE MDO 25mic/PE-EVOH100mic

5 KG

Packaging - Resealable pouch with grip seal and tear notch

Pouch dimensions - 300mmx500mm

Pouch material - 12 mic PET/100 mic PE + 12 mic PET/100 mic PE

25 KG

Packaging - Plastic bag

Bag dimensions - 340mm x 700mm


GMS hydrates and moisturises the skin well. It's a nonionic opacifier, thickening, emollient, and formulation stabiliser all in one. It can be found in skin care and body care products. It hydrates the hair and scalp to protect against dryness when used in Shampoo & Conditioners. 

Click HERE to see how to make Lemongrass Hand Softener using GMS!


It keep mascara from clumping, ensures smooth application of eyeliner and eyeshadow & keeps makeup on the skin, rather than allowing it to fall off.                                                    

Soap making                                                            

Add GMS and sodium hydroxide aka caustic soda (also available in Direct Chems) to form soap.

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