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Direct Chems vegetable glycerine is a clear, viscous liquid and has a minimum purity of 99.7%. Obtained from non-GMO vegetable fats, it possesses the highest purity. It is safe and suitable for use in the production of e-liquids where it produces high vapor rates. Vegetable Glycerin is also used in the manufacture of cosmetics and moisturizers as well as many pharmaceutical products. It attracts and holds moisture in the skin, softening, smoothing and soothing the skin. Its pH level closely resembles that of skin, making it gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.                                                                                        


Please note- Packed in a warehouse where soy wax is handled. Seek medical advice before use if suffering from any medical conditions or allergies. Always conduct a patch test before using any new product.

Storage- Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Download the MSDS HERE

Download the Product Specification HERE

Download the Allergen Information HERE

1 KG

Packaging - UN approved fluorinated bottle

Bottle dimensions - 223mmx88.5mm

Bottle material - High density polyethylene

5 KG

Packaging - UN approved fluorinated jerry can

Jerry can dimensions - 285mmx186mm

Jerry can material - High density polyethylene

25 KG

Packaging - UN approved fluorinated jerry can

Jerry can dimensions - 280mmx447mm

Jerry can material - High density polyethylene

Hair Masks                                                                

For a easy conditioning hair masks this is recognised to sell the hair`s luster, first, integrate ¼ cup Vegetable Glycerine and ¼ cup of Aloe Vera Gel Juice in a small bowl and whisk them together. Next, follow this masks to hair that has already been washed and shampooed. Leave the masks on for 10 mins before rinsing it off with cold water.               


Cuts, bedsores, burns, psoriasis, bites, rashes, and calluses can all benefit from glycerine. It's also a great cleanser, toner, and moisturiser for your skin                                              


Glycerine functions as a water anti-freeze. If you add enough glycerine to water to form a 60 percent glycerine solution, it will resist solidification down to roughly -36 degrees Celsius.                   

Extracts from plants

When making herbal extractions, glycerine is utilised as a solvent instead of ethanol since it is less toxic and has less adverse effects.

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